Tus Kuv Hlub Tshaj ~ Lyne and Sam [Cover]

Ofcourse, we all heard different covers of this song: Tus Kuv Hlub Tshaj by Bao Her. Yeah yeah yeah, it’s another cover, but funny thing is that i stumble upon this trying to show my cousin this one version that i thought was hecka good. Anyways, so we stumble on this one and was listening when all of a sudden, i realized that i know these two singers singing the song. Ofcourse, not know them personally, but it’s funny to just stumble on their cover. haha

So, i thought i share it and probably you’ll know them too, IF you happen to be with me in the same forum. hahaha.

I know, the girl [Lyne] can’t pronounce some of the hmong words, but you gotta give her credits. Living in France, atleast she can speak hmong better than some hmong people here in America.

Oh, another thing, i soo soo love their chorus when they’re singing together. Something unique and different. Definately worth calling it a duet! Love it!

In case you guys want a copy, here’s the DL link. 😀