Ariston ~ Zoo Nkauj Yog Koj

Yay! I found the song and the band that sang that beautiful song in the Hmong movie: Journey to the Fallen Skies aka Taug Lis Yeev Mus Qab Ntuj. I’m loving it! I just felt beautiful listening to this song. Someone out there will cherish and love me for who i am. 😀 Aza! lOl So far, the movie has not come out yet. It’ll be released during the new year in MN, from what i heard. Hehe, not sure if i’ll watch it, but we’ll see. So far, i’m just digging the music in the Video. 😀

Anyways, i thought i share this beautiful song with everyone! 😀

Singer: Ariston
Song: Zoo Nkauj Yog Koj