It was just a dream…

Don’t you hate it when you’re dreaming of something good but you get woken up in the middle of it? Ugh, i hate it! I was dreaming so happily when my old lady came in and woke me up, although it was 12 in the afternoon. yesterday really got me poop out! But it was a blast. Will write about it when i get my camera so that i can share some pictures. πŸ˜€ It was a good turn out though!

Anyways, i dreamed that i bumped into this guy, he seemed white but he spoke in hmong, weird right? But the guy was hot. He was a photographer, photographing and than it switched over to that i was at a amusement park and saw him taking pictures again. I tried to avoid him, but he saw me. Than it went to where i was riding a roller coaster that just went in a round circle and he was standing in the middle taking a family picture, than suddenly he came up to me when i got off the ride and whisper to me, ” I don’t like what you’re wearing.” Than it went to where i was walking to my car from the amusement park and saw him putting his equipment away in his car. Soem reason, i purposely walk past him and walked into a tournament or flea market. I knew he saw me and was following me, but i acted like i didn’t see him. I pretended to walk and look at things when he said, “don’t at like you don’t see me.” I than turned around and smiled at him. He walked up to me and we started walking together. We were just chatting, smiling, and even holding hands as if we were going out.

The dream was going great, ugh, and my old lady just HAD to wake me up! lOl.

It’s such a random dream too. Usually i dream about things that i’ve been thinking about that day or at that moment, but i was so tired from last night, i just knocked out. lOl. So weird. πŸ˜€ But loving the dream though. hahaha