OKHY’s First Annual Conference

We wanted this conference to be our debut for our Youth Program here in Tulsa, OK. I have to say, with the short notice and the amount of people that showed up, i thought it was a success. Too bad i didn’t get the chance to take as many pictures as I wanted. But below are few pictures i’ve taken of the conference. Next year, it’ll be bigger and much more prepared.

This year, the conference went like what you’ll see if you attended HND: Hmong National Development. IF you attended one of their event, our conference was like that. Too bad there were only two sessions with two classes each. Although we only had two classes each session, i think everyone enjoyed it.

Gah, it’s been ages since i’ve stood in front of a large crowd and spoke, so i was very nervous. I guess i better start now or something and be prepare to do it since there’ll be many more speeches i’ll be making. I am so proud of my self and wonderful and thankful for my officer and members! They were great! Without them, who knows how much trouble i would have been in. Just shows you how much effort and time we put in this And how great the conference went too! Very glad! 😀

Anyways, it was a blast though! the conference went by well and it went by too quick. Seriously, next time, it’ll be an all day thing for one day, and a “Rock hard Party” the next night or something! Woot! I’m already pumped for next year’s Annual Conference!