Running Man Ep 1!

Ahh, so i found the time to watch my new favorite Korean Variety Show! RUNNING MAN!!! With Jaesuk Oppa, Jong Kook Oppa and as a guest for the first ep, Hyori Unnie! Ahh! lOl.

I have to say, although there’s not that family love, but you can still feel it!

You can watch the first Episode on YT.
Twirlybox is subbing episode one and probably the rest, but she/he would upload one a day for now. Click here for the first part of Episode 1. Another YT user that uploaded the whole episode is YouShineStar. Click here for the first part of the 1st episode. Although the quality is pretty bad, but it’ll still get you through. But so far, there’s others out there that are subbing Running Man.

Anyways episode one was funny. I laughed here and there, especially when they found their clue and they played their game. Hilarious!

Hyori Unnie still had that bad girl side to her, which i totally love! Jaesuk Oppa is still chattering away and omgawsh, when they were playing chicken fight with the 50 citizens, i laughed each time the camera was on him because he would be hit in the most “HURTFUL” place ever; Butthole, and even a few times in teh balls! lOl. Goodness Poor Jaesuk Oppa. As for Jong Kook Oppa! lOl. He’s still the tough man, man. lOl. For the remaining members, like Haha, still dorky like usual. There’s two that caught my eyes that i totally adore after watchign episode one; Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin!  Each time that Lee Kwang Soo was going to talk, he always get interrupted, even when he was introducing himself in the beginning, it started pouring on him. lOl.  As for Ji Suk Jin, he’s an ex variety show MC, i think.  His move “BANG!” lOl.  He reminds me of Jongshin oppa from Family Outing. lOl the Oldest. hahaha.  But i’m seriously, slowly, loving each of the members on the show! 😀

I saw some cuts from Episode 2 and CHUNHEE was one of the GUEST! lOl.  Even Jaesuk was surprised and came right up to Chunhee! lOl.  Can’t wait for episode 2 to be subbed and out on youtube or something! lOl Gotta watch Chunhee! hahahah

Here’s the intro of Episode 2

And Haha’s part when he was having to dive into the pool at 5M high.
Thanks to AnchelSubs from YT subbing what he/she can. Thank you!