It’s late

Very late at night. It’s 2:19AM and I’m up on a Saturday Morning where i should be sleeping, but i can’t. Why? Because I have to finish this display for our Youth booth this weekend for the sport tournament that’s happening. i’m going to be SOOOO exhausted tomorrow! No sleep, probably, and i’ll probably be in such a bad mood. ugh! But hopefully it’s all worth it tomorrow. 😀 I have faith, which i shoud keep telling myself that!

Anyways, it’s late and i just ran out of ink. Bad luck eh? I needed to print out pictures for my display and i just had to run out of ink. Well, some odd reason when i went to use the bathroom, i thought of going to walgreens and than it HIT ME! You can make orders online to where you can just go and pick it up! AhHHH! So i hurried back to the computer, thank GAWD there’s internet, got onto the walgreen’s site and placed my order for my 13 pictures that needed to be ordered. And guess what? they were only 12 cents a piece! AHHH! Definately saved myself some money!

Although it’s going to be a long night and day tomorrow for me, hopefully all my effort and time was worth it at the end. 😀 Aza! Keep fighting! 😀