Dalmatian ~ New Boy Band [Korean]

I’m digging this group a lot! I’ve heard of this group for some time now, but never really got the chance to really hear them out or find information on them. But from what i found today, this band: Dalmatian, contains 6 members all with a background of music or in the entertainment industry. Mong brought this group up in his entermainment and i gotta say, you can definately feel “MONGIE” in this group. Watching thier MV, you see their dorkiness and cuteness! hahaha. I’m definately havign hopes for this group! Can’t wait to see what they’re up to in the future!

Plus, all of them are SOOO CUTE!!! hahaha I have yet to know which one is which, but no worries, give me some time and i shall. lOl.


Dalmatian: Round 1!

On Music Bank! [Debut]

Their actual MV of the song!