X-Factor [ F A I L ]

LMAO, i just logged onto my youtube account and BAM! This video shows up and for some reason, i just HAD to click on it to watch it! lOl. I couldn’t stop laughing my eyes out for these two chicks! Such attitude, such rudeness, and most importantly, made a food out of themselves! lol and guess what? These two were never meant to be friends forever. ROFL! that’s what got me laughing! I dont’ think they knew what best friends or even the word friends mean!

but check it out! lOl. This is what i call, “Simon moments.” lOl.

These two chicks has such rude attitudes and along with their horrible singing! lOl they even got the guts to say “Shut up” to the audience and even showed their middle finger! LMFAO. omfg! This just made my night! LMFAO Best part was the punch! LMFAO. Friends, eh? I don’t think so. lOl