Kaj Siab : Songs For Mental Health Wellness

My cousin sent me an email today about this organization or this group for Mental Health Awareness of behalf of Hmong people.  After reading what they have done and the main goal, I would like to promote them too! Help spread the words to everyone!  I stopped by their page and listened to their songs that they provided and it touched me.  It showed how much Hmong people care for their own kind and how important it is to stick together.  These talented artists in MN are just wonderful!

Here is an intro from Dr. Alyssa Vang about mental health!

Check out www.hmong.org to listen to their album that they have composed.  so touching!

Check out their YT page for their music along with their session they held.

I really like this song from the album. It really touched my heart.

“Mental health is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.[1] Mental health conditions can include depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, parent-child relational issues, addictions, and many others.

Kaj Siab Songs for Mental Health Wellness is a free compilation album created by Hmong American Partnership with songs by Hmong-Minnesotan artists. The goal of the album is to increase awareness of mental health and promote good mental health in the Hmong community. Artists were invited to contribute a song related to the project goal. The songs in this album were selected by a panel composed of musicians, health professionals, and staff members at Hmong American Partnership.

Kaj Siab means peaceful, or joyful in Hmong.
Kaj Siab Songs for Mental Health Wellness is a music project of Hmong American Partnership (HAP) and is made possible by the Eliminating Health Disparities Initiative of the Minnesota Department of Health.
Project Coordinators: Pa chia Vue and Sai Vang

Music Consultant: Tou Saiko Lee

Mental Health Consultant: Alyssa Kaying Vang, PsyD., L.P.

Sound Engineer and Mixer: Paul Kong

Graphic Designer: Jonny Xiong

Master mixing and some songs were recorded at In Progress studio in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

This album would not be possible without the generous talents and contributions of Tamar Ghidalia, Sia Her, and Melanie Heu of HAP; and Chaochi Ly of Micon Studios. A special thank you to Kristine Sorensen and In Progress for their in-kind studio time and support. In Progress has been promoting the voices of young and newly developing artists since its inception in 1996.”

You can go here to download their album for free to spread the words about Kaj Siab! Help support! Aza! Txhob Ntshai!!!