Woot! Dalmatian recieving International..

LOVE!! Hecka YEAH! Their first song got me hooked on them already!!! Just read from Allkpop:

Dalmatian, the group solely produced by MC Mong, has been receiving hot love calls from overseas within a week of their debut!

After debuting on the 1st with their debut track Round 1, the six-member idol group has already received appearance requests from Japan and Thailand for fan meetings and concerts. On their fan meeting held on the 5th, American and French fans were seen amongst the crowd, giving the group a heightened sense of popularity.

Their popularity can also be seen on Youtube with international fans leaving comments such as, “The greatest rookie group of 2010,” “Their energetic and bright image is nice to watch,” “and “I like how they’re enjoying the stage.”

Their agency, IS Entertainment, stated in an interview on the 6th, “It hasn’t even been a week since their debut and we’re already sensing the movements of their international fans. We definitely feel the strength of the internet. We believe that pushing for a fun, warm image gave a fresh feeling in everyone as opposed to using auto-tuning and stiff choreography.”

Dalmatian’s first variety show is also set to broadcast for the first time on the 7th at 7 PM through cable music channel Mnet, titled Dalmatian’s Manager On Strike.


That’s right!!!  I’m showing some international L-O-V-E!!!  They’re sooo cute! lOl.. Darn, i seriously need to start learning their name and knowing who is who. For sure, my eyes is on one of their rappers. khekhekhe. lOl.. Plus, they’re going to appear on their first variety show too! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM LIVE IN PERSON!!!!