Ntuj No Tuaj Lawm ~ EmmerTT [Cover]

So, i was at my cousin’s house when we decided to karoake on her laptop just for the heck of it. haha  I sung a few covers, but my voice is so bad, it turned out bad. Anyways, My cousin knows that i blog and dared me to post up a cover that i sang with her yesterday night.  After many thoughts, i might as well post up a classic song.

HOpefully ya don’t think i killed it. haha. Do give me feedbacks. 😀  I’ve always loved singing, but i know i’m not to the point where i woudl consider myself good enough.  So, stay home, sing with friends and families is good enough for me. 😀 haha

I’m considering singing this song for our Hmong Xiong New Year this October just for fun. But we’ll see. 😀

It’s low quality, so sorry if ya can’t hear me good enough. But it’ ok. 😀 haha

Singer: EmmerTT
Song: Ntuj No Tuaj Lawm [Cover]

Hopefully i didn’t bust out your ear buds. If i did, I’m sorry. 🙂