Woot! I feel G R E A T ! ! !

Although this weekend was super busy, i actually felt productive and great tonight! It feels like i’ve accomplish so many things that i couldn’t have done alone! Tonight was our official OKHY’s meeting and i thought it went pretty well! We got so much done in two hours! Came up with ideas for our logo, motto, and elected officers for our remaining seats on our board! Yay! We officially set up the foundation for our youth group! Go us!!! Wheh, we got that over with and now, we can finally move on to different stuff and really set up what we want to do next for the youth group!

I am meeting with the whole board members next week Sunday and we’re going to discuss the bylaws and put them into action for the next meeting! We’re definately moving somewhere and we’re definately completing our goals one by one! Can’t wait to see what’s next on the agenda for our youth group!

I feel so relieved and so, so, like i’ve accomplished something so amazing! Gah, this is definately the feeling i’ve been yearning for a long time now. I’m quite glad i stood up and took the initiative to become president for this youth group. I can’t wait to come back in ten years and see how this youth group goes. 😀 So excited. 😀

Now that i got that out of my mind, i have others thigns to worry about now….damn literature homework….*tears*…. 😛