Txhob Tso Lub Hmoob ~ Ntxhee Yees Xyooj

So, our youth group formed a dance group about two weeks ago and so I had asked my group what song they want to dance to first before i mention the ones i want to do. Atleast I’m giving them a chance to speak out if they have any songs they would like to dance too. Basically, all my songs that i’ve chosed has to do with Life as hmong and new year songs. none of that “fun” song.

We’ll be performing for the new year and i got couple of events lined up before the year ends too. Excited though! haha.

Anyways, I was listening to the songs that were submitted to see if i have any ideas of how to dance it, and i came across one of my songs that i taught back than. It brought great memories which i have forgotten about. This maybe one that i might do, but than again, it seems childish. this songs matches those that are under 12. oh well, this would be one of my consideration.


Song: Txhob Tso lus Hmoob
Singer: Ntxhee Yees Xyooj

*Dont’ mind my hmong and rough english translation.”
Hmoob Lyrics:
Txheej nias no peb cov tub ntxhais hluas hmoob
Hais lus tsis thoob li cov laus puag txheem thaum
Hais lus hmoob rau los tej tias I I tsis know
Yus tsis tau tauj hais lus dawb haus txhuas lus hmoob

Txheej niam no peb cov tub ntxhais hluas hmoob
Yog tias yuav nug koj npe hu li cas
Los tseem tej tias kuv maiv paub as
Hais hmoob xyawv hmab tsim nyog tu siab

Peb yog hmoob tiag tiag
Peb yuav tsum los hais lus hmoob
Tsis txhob cias peb cov lus hmoob
Hais hmab xyaws hmoob tsis zoo dabtsis

Txheej niam no peb cov tub ntxhais hluas hmoob
Niam txiv hais tsis mloog ua lwj ua liam
Yuav ua li cas thiaj li txim txiaj
Ceeb laj qhuab qhia kom ua tau neeg zoo

English: “rough version”
Generations now a day our youth
Can’t speak the language like generations back than
Question them in hmong and they answer back in English
You don’t understand and so you mix English with Hmong

Generations now a days, our youth
If you ask them “what is your name?”
They answer back …… “she spoke in a different language”
Speaking hmong mix in with “Hmab”

We are true hmong
We have to speak our language
Don’t let our language Hmong
Be mix in with “hmab” since it’s no use

Generations now a days, our youth
Wont’ listen to the parents living their life downhill
What is there to do to make them be a better person
it’s hard enough telling them to become a better person