Yellow Storm ~ New Hmong Band

My cousin mentioned about this new Hmong band from San Diego, CA call “Yellow Storm.” So, i went onto youtube and what do you know, there’s some of their music on there. At first, i thought they were just going to be another one of those bands that would have awful vocals, but wow, very unexpected from them. From their three songs that I heard on youtube, they sound great and WOW! haha

What i found very interesting and unique about this band is that not all of them are Hmong. Another step that I see Hmong people are opening up. Usually we’ll see bands with all Hmong people, but have you ever took a second to see that others nationality actually know how to speak our language and actually love our culture? I find this very unique.

From their Myspace:
“Yellow Storm is a Hmong / American Rock ‘n Roll band coming to you live from San Diego, California. We came together a few months ago after the many transitions that took place in the band. Currently as a new group, we are working on our very first CD. Our music is all originals and has a mixture of today’s alternative rock sound along with some pop and early 80’s and 90’s metal rock. Yellow Storm members consist of Pheng K. Moua on guitars, keyboard, vocals, Erik K. Moua on guitars, Chua Yang on vocals, Brian Hood on drums / percussions, and Lee Lor on bass. Although image is not important to the band, our music delivers a unique Hmong rock n’ roll sound.”

Check their myspace out!

I’m not much of a rock N roll friend, but their music is reasonable to listen. 😀

I actually like all three songs. I see myself listening to them. 😀 What about you? I actually like their song, “Mus nrhiav kev zoo siab.” Very soothing, which is my type of music. 😀