Xiong New Year

So, I was approach by my cousin’s father asking if i can sing two songs for them during the xiong new year. It surprised me though. Last year, i sang two songs just out of the blue just to see my parent’s smile and wishing them a brand new start for the new year. I sang Maiv Xyooj’s song, Nyiam koj tiag tsis qhia and tsab mim’s Yog dag los tiag. Since it was last minute decision, I had my lyrics with me just in case i freak out or something. Overall, I should have prepare a head of time, but didn’t. still, it went well though.

I wasn’t planning to sing this year since i have too much workload. but just a few days ago, my uncle came up telling me that they would like for me to sing two songs for them. So, now i’m thinking about what songs i should sing. After many searches and looking, i finally found two songs that i think would be good to sing. I’ll dedicate the song: Yuav tsum hlub hlub yus tus poj niam for the ladies, and teh second song, Nyiam ib pliag, by Lee kong Xiong for fun. ut i don’t want to sing slow songs though. If not the songs yuav tsum hlub hlbu yus tus poj niam, i might just sing ntuj no tuaj lawm.

hrrm, thinkgina bout it, i’ll sing Ntuj No Tuaj Lawm and Nyiam ib Pliag. Yeah, those two songs just for the new year. 😀

Go me!