Tshav Ntuj Nrig Kuv Me Nplooj Plawv ~ Lee Thao

Back in process again. 😀 i’m listening to this song while i’m typing up my essay and studying for my exam tomorrow. Thought i share it. Sounds so lovely at the moment. With the breeze breezing into my room, the smell of my old lady’s cooking, Yumm…hahaha. Yeah yeah yeah, i know, this song does not match my atmosphere right now haha. Oh well. 😀 Enjoy!

Singer: Lee Thao
Song: Tshav Ntuj Nrig Kuv Me Nplooj Plawv

cas tshav ntuj nrig noog quaj zov zaws
kuv me nplooj plawv tus neeg kuv hlub
koj ncaim kuv mus tav ntuj li no
tsis hnov koj xov koj moos li lawv

tshav ntuj li nrig puas kho koj siab
koj puas paub tias kuv nco nco koj
niaj hnub niaj hmo xav ntsoog txog koj xwb
yuav tav ntuj twg thiaj sib cuag os

tshav ntuj li nrig kho kho kuv siab
tig ntsia qhov twg los tsis pom koj
txoj siav yuav nrho txoj pa yuav tu
tus neeg kuv hlub cas yuav nco koj

puas muaj txoj hmoov kuv rov ntsib koj
tau nrog koj nyob dua ib zaug ntxiv
los tag ib txhis yuav tsis ntsib koj
es kuv yuav nco koj txog hnub twg

why it’s sunny with birds singing
my love the one i cherish
since the day you left me
i haven’t heard anything from you

It’s sunny are you feeling sad
do you know that I miss you dearly
every day every night i think of you
when will the day come that we meet again

it’s sunny do you feel sad
every way i look i dont’ see you
My life seems to be cut unable to breathe
my love oh how i’ve missed you

Will luck grant me to see you again
to be my your side once more
or i won’t ever see you again
oh how i will miss you

And here is the DL link. 😀