Xiong New Year [Re-cap]

Last weekend Saturday was the Xiong New Year celebration. Banquet and after party. I was suppose to help out with the preparation, but i had other things to do. well, i was quite busy all morning till afternoon. I didn’t get home until 4pm and had to get ready. Thank goodness i bought my dress though. wheh! haha.

I left to the Xiong New Year at around 5pm and they were still eating. I guess they started eating at 4 or something. Than 6pm came around and it was time for the party to start. I was so nervous the whole entire time knowing that I’ll be singing on stage to help my cousins and them out. I sang two song, Nyiam Ib Pliag by Lee Kong Xiong and Ntuj no Tuaj Lawm using Luj Yaj’s version. I had fun though! 😀 I got a lot of shouts, well especially from my youths and my board and to those that knew me. It wasn’t unlike last year where i knew no one and just sang for the heck of it! It felt great to actually make new friends and got to know them. This youth really made me accomplish my first goal: Be social.

Weekend was fun! 😀