New Layout

What do you think? I thought it’s time for a change. It’s almost an year since i’ve had this blog and never once did i change the layout. The black seemed dull after looking at it every day. Thought I should add in some “white” with the black just to give it a more “bright” appeal to it. What do you think? I’m not too satisfied yet, but this will do for the mean time. 😀

It’s time for a change anyways. Can you believe it though? Just two more months and the year 2010 will come to an end. By the time you know it, Halloween will pass, than black friday along with Thanksgiving, and BAM! Christmas and the a brand new year! I dont’ know if it’s just me, but i feel that each year i get older time goes by so fast. No wonder those that are older than me keep saying that i shouldn’t wish to be older. They are right. Looking back, Life has turned upside down to sideways from hell to heaven. I’ll be 22 this year, which i don’t feel like i’m in my 20’s, and i feel that i’ve accomplish a lot but not to the extent that I’m satisfied!

I tell myself, each year I will accomplish something BIG, but nope. Just the little ones that makes you happy but not content with life. hopefully next year is my year to accomplish something BIG! Aza! Txhob Ntshai! 😀 haha