Puag Tu Moo ~ Khab Lis

For some odd reason, I didn’t really know what this song meant. Listening to it over and over again, I still couldn’t get the image or the words through to me. Ofcourse, I have never been in the situation, but seen it happen from others. My cousin came over and we decided to analyze the lyrics. We looked on youtube to see if there was a MV for it and surely there was. After watching the MV, i got even more confused. Both the father and mother was crying along with the children. If you look at the lyrics closely, it doesn’t make sense. Aish, I’m probably thinking a little too much about the lyrics. Should just stick to simple, my role model; simple.

Anyways, enjoy this song. 😀

Singer: Khab Lis
Song: Puag Tu Moo

cas tag kis no pos huab li nti
vim kev niam txiv yuav muaj tso tseg
hnub no lub neej yuav muab sib txhem
zaum no wb yuav mus leeg txoj kev

kuv me koj niam tsis txhob chim chim
sib nrauj zaum no tsis yog ua si
zoo li npau suav es ho rov tsim
ncaim mus zaum no ces tag ib sim

los kuv puag koj ib zaug ua zaum kawg
hais tias wb ua ib zaug txij nkawm
puag koj zaum no ua zaum tu moo
ua ntej yuav hloov dua tswv

wb tej menyuam quaj pos muag nti
ntshe yuav nrog ntshis ntxuag lub kua muag
ntshe yuav muaj niam los tsis muaj txiv
yuav nyob nrog ntshis tsis muaj txiv hlub

Why this morning its cloudy
because our marriage is ending
today our life will end
we will go our seperate ways

My wife don’t be mad
our divorce isn’t a game
it’s like a dream that is suddenly awaken
leaving today will mean forever

Let me hold you once more
to say that we once was together in life
let me hold you to say my goodbyes
before we go on our ways

our children crying covering their eyes
I’ll be crying with them
having a mother but not a father
crying with them knowing there’s no fatherly love

Here is the DL link. Enjoy! 😀