Mob Kuv Siab ~ Nachoua Xiong

The second song for my cousin.

Singer: Nachoua Xiong
Song: Mob Kuv Siab

Yam tag los nws zoo li npau suav
Txog hnub no wb yuav tsum tau tso
Wb cov lus yuav nyob ua kev
Txog hnub no nyias yuav mus nyias

Nws yog vim koj los yog vim kuv
Los yog vim w bob leeg txoj hmoov
Ntseeg tsis tau yuav muaj hnub no
Thaum twg wb yuav nyob nrog lub kua muag

Txawm nws yuav mob [mob lub siab]
Txawm nws yuav mob [mob lub siab]
Mob npaum cas los yuav tau ua ib siab
Kua muag yauv poob [ntau npaum cas]
Kuv muag yuav poob [ntau npaum cas]
Los yeej tsis muaj twg yuav pab tau
Yuav mob kuv siab mus txog thaum twg
Yog tias tsis muaj koj nyob ntawv kuv ib sab
Kev hlub yuav cias li xaus li no
yuav ua cas nyob mus txog thaum twg
Nws mob kuv siab

Last time seemed like a dream
From this day we have to let go
Our words to be together
From this day we will have to part

Is it because of you or was it me
Or was it because our faith [separated us]
Can’t believe there will be this day
When we will live in agony

Even if it hurts [hurts deep down]
Even if it hurts [hurts deep down]
As much as it hurts I will have to deal with it
However much tears fall [fall as much]
However much tears fall [fall as much]
It can’t help ease the pain
How long will this heart of mine hurt
When you’re not by my side
Will our love end like this
How long would I be able to live like this
It really hurts [heart]

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