Tseem Tshuav Tag Kis ~ Nachoua Xiong

I’ve had Nachoua’s album for a while. Listened to it once and never touched it again until tonight. I was talking to a friend on msn and she was talking about Nachoua’s album. I decided to re-listen to it again for the second time. eagh, it was still giving me the same feeling as it did teh first time. I wasn’t really into it.

Anyways, my friend wanted me to post up two of the songs that she heard from Nachoua. Girl, you better be happy now. 😛

Enjoy everyone!

Singer: Nachoua Xiong
Song: Tseem Tshuav Tag Kis

Txawm koj nco nws npaum cas
Los nws yuav tsis rov los
Txawm koj hlub nws npaum cas
Los nws yog luag tus lawm
Sov kua muag pib dua yam tshiab
Sib hawm tsis tos koj nyob ib leeg xwb

Txhob nco txog nws lawm
Nws twb tsis hlub koj lawm
Yog nws hlub koj tiag
Nws yeej tsis ua koj mob siab
Txhob tag kev cia siab li koj
Txhob nyob ib leeg kho siab li no

Txawm hnub no lig rau koj
Los tseem tshuav tag kis
Txawm sib hawm tsi smuaj ntxiv
Los tseem tshuav ib txhis
Cias kuv so koj lub kua muag puas tau
Khib koj lub siab ib zaug ntxiv puas tau

Txawm nws tsis nyob nrog koj
Los tseem tshuav kuv
Txawm nws ua koj kua muag los
Kuv mam ua tus so
Nws tseem tshuav tag kis rau koj pib dua
Nws tseem tshuav ib txhis muaj lub suab luag

How ever much you miss her
She won’t come back
How ever much you loved her
She’s already with someone else
Time’s not waiting for you to be by yourself

Stop missing her
She doesn’t love you
If she loved you
She wont’ break your heart
Don’t lose hope like that
Don’t be lonesome

Even though today maybe a bit late
There’s always tomorrow to start new
Eventhough time seemed to stop
Remember there’s always forever
Let me wipe those tears for you, would you
Open your heart one more time, would you

She may not be by your side anymore
You still have me though
She may made you cry
I’ll be the one to wipe those tears
There’s still tomorrow to start fresh
There’s still forever for that laugh of yours

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