OKHY Dance Group

Tomorrow is a big day for our OKHY’s dance group because it’ll be our first performance in front of many people that are non hmong. I’m already nervous, but super excited for them. Less than a month, we are able to learn two songs for this performance. I hope all the girls are feeling excited for tomorrow!

I’m testing my girls to see how smooth and elegantly they move with their fingers and body before we do anything that will corrupt their way of actually hmong dancing. Growing up how to dance to the words and move with the beat, that’s how i’m going to teach them. All that you see on youtube where they’re all dancing around going with the beat, that’s not true hmong dancing. True hmong dancing is all about how elegant and smooth you can make your hands go and even how smoothly your body will flow with the beat. Although many dance group are dancing modern-ly, i feel that it’s best to keep the roots and atleast try to learn hmong dancing the right way before jumping into all that fast pace beat.

One of my absolute favorite dance from youtube is this group. I thought they were so graceful and so creative. there weren’t much transition, but at the same time, it was great to watch!

I can watch this dance over and over and i wont be bore of it. Their hand movements go with the lyrics that the singer is singing about. That’s what hmong dancing is about.

Another group that danced to the same song:

I thought they did such a great job! Their hand movements went with the lyrics of the singer and they were perfectly Insync! Now a days, you can’ treally see if everyone is insync becausse the beat is so fast and their moving so much that it’s really hard to say or see. Now if you wer eto dance to a slow song like this, it’s quite hard to stay in sync with everyone. I applaud them. They didn’t even move or trade place, they were still good and still entertaining. *applause*

I’ll definatley put up some clips once i get them. πŸ˜€ Seriously can’t wait for the performance tomorrow! πŸ˜€ Excited!!!

This is one of my main goal; Be in sync. Right now, I’m jus ttrying to find that elegance in them for them to smooth out their hands and really have it flexible to where each of their movement actually mean something. Hopefully i’ll get there. It’s only been less than a month since I’ve actually had them, so we still have a long ways to go. πŸ˜€

We are dancing to 4 soungs total for the new year. For now, we’ve only learned 2 songs. the girls wanted to challenge themselves to see if they’re able to learn 4 songs by new year which is in like two weeks. haha. Lets see how that goes. I have faith in them though, we’ll definately make it!

Just Samples.
The first song is going to be our main song. We’re going to dance to it yearly and each year, it’ll have different dance move to it. Hopefully it becomes something that looks very plain into something that has improve after so many years. But it’ll always be our main goal. Why? Because our dance group is part of the Oklahoma Hmong Youth and also Hmong American Assocation of Oklahoma.

1st song: Ntsoom Tub Ntxhais Hluas by Her Production Singers
2nd Song: Nco Qub Zog by Nkauj Zuag Paj Vaj
3rd Song: Lub Paj Hauv Sab Puas Tau Muaj Tswv by Ntxawm Ntxhua Pag Lauj and Xeej Vwj
4th Song: Kwv Tij Hmoob by Xab Thoj and Ntxawm Yaj

Wish my girls luck tomorrow! It’s been a while that some of them haven’t perform and for some, it’s their first performance. so i’m very nervous for them and also at the same time, excited! Ahh can’t wait! πŸ˜€