OKHY Dance Group Performance

And so, OKHY’s dance group had their first performance. I would say, they were good, but not to the extent of my expectations based on their performance during practice. I was a little disappointed since everything we went over practice did not happen in their performance today. But i shouldn’t be too hard right? Yeah, i shouldn’t. It’s their first and usually the first performance is always the worse performance. I do give them props to for going through with the performance! Aza! Hwaiting! 😀

Anyways, we danced two songs, one dance at 1pm and another at 2pm. I could see that the girls were very nervous and at the same time, it’s been a while since they’ve danced too. haha.

Anyways, our performance may have gone good, but there is bound to be a problem. The girls just got done with their second performance when one of the girl freaked out when she realized that on the bottom of her foot, her skin had peeled off. Reason? The girls were dancing bare footed on a black stage where the sun was burning hot at a 85 degree! They said that the first song wasn’t as bad, but the second song, the floor was so hot that they could barely step on it.

Ofcourse i was concerned and scared for my dancers! I should have talked to them about performing, what could happen and if something goes wrong, they should just stop what they’re doing and slowly walk off the stage, but because of their fear of ruining the performances for others, they kept going, just like the my girl with the burned foot.

I got yelled at by my parents and also got that “UGH” face from the parents of the girl too. *sigh* Leading people is hard and it comes with many awful things. I have to look at it as a thing to become stronger and more strong will. I may be in tears tonight, but it’ll be something for me to look at in the future and make sure that it wont’ happen again. Aza! Txhob Ntshai!

I’m still proud of my girls though! =D

You go girls! 😀