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I’ve been meaning to post this up and say a little about it, but never got the chance, but yes, I used to dubb. No particular agency, this was more of a forum dubbing team, or i guess it started like that. Now, it’s just a friend dubbing team just for fun. We all live in different state, so we can’t really do things together. Only way to keep in touch is either through phone and or the net. And we sure made use of the net! haha.

Anyways, I dubbed a few parts here and there. It was a lot of fun! So far, My dubbing team and I dubbed 3 different movies. First one was “Young Warriors of the Yang Clan,” “Battle Royale,” and “They Kissed Again.” Ofcourse, they weren’t the whole movie/drama, they were just parts from the movie that we all could dubb for fun.

For “Young Warriors of the Yang Clan”
Click on the link to go to the playlist!
Fan Dub Dubbers:
Luo – babie_sara (Sara)
Guan Hong – mozemoua (Moze)
Princess Chai – nkaujhmoob100 (Malee)
Du Jin E- karenyang (Karen)
Pan Ying – Smile Khekhe, That’s ME!
Yelu Xie – Simon Caldwell (Bee)
Princess Yin Jing – mozemoua (Moze)
Yang Si Lang – Regnarts_ (Sam)
Yang Liu Lang – Lalalolo (Trent)
Yang Qi Lang – VX559 (Venom)
Yang Ye- cloudyboy559
Yang Wu Lang – Peter Lee

One of my parts:

Dont’ i sound evil? lOl yes, my voice is too soft for this chick. Like i said, we were just messing around having fun! πŸ˜€ Enjoyed every moments of it though! πŸ˜€ I’m not too sure if our production person made a blooper video of this, but i know for a fact, i had many mistakes where my tongue wouldn’t function with me. lol.

For “Battle Royale”
I’m not too sure who did what, so no lists of the characters.

I posted this one up since it was all the girls that helped dubbed this video. I enjoyed this part since we all had to scream. lOl. I remember talking about this part with the girls because soem of them had to go into their closet to just do the screaming scene. Ahem, as for me, i was weak. lOl. See if you can figure out which one is me. lOl

Another part that i dubbed for as the evil girl. lOl. Gah, this cracks me up each time i watch it! lOl.

For “They Kissed Again.”
Yuan Xiang Qin – Sara Vang
Christine Robinson – Moze Moua
Lin Hao Mei – Wendy Thao
Luo Zhi Yi – Karen Yang
Pei Zi Yu – Karen Yang
Zhang Ni Na – EmmerTT
Liu Ya Nong – Karen Yang
Lin Chun Mei – Shoua Yang
Mary- Karen Yang
Jiang Zhi Shu- Bee Her
Jin Yuan Feng-Chi Meng
Jiang Yu Shu- Bee Her
Ouyang Gan-Vam Meej Chang
Yang Qi Tai- Ken Lo
Ah Qiao- Koob Meej Lee
Wang Hao Qian- Koob Meej Lee

This one, i didn’t help out as much. My parts were small since i was quite busy when we dubbed for this one. hahaha

I dubbed for the girl in the yellow/orange shirt. I still had fun too though! πŸ˜€

Our next project is “1 Litre of Tears.” Seems like we’re dubbing the drama. I got stuck with dubbing for the little girl! be on the look out for that. Reminds me, i have to do my part asap too. haha.

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