Wanida ~ Thai Lakorn Review

I just finished watching “Wanida” last night. Ofcourse it had stopped airing since it was done, but the english subbs for it were just up last night. You can go here to watch Wanida! Thanks to wishboniko for subbing it! If you have not noticed or realize, Wishy subbs a lot of great thai lakorns! Woot woot! Thank you WISHY! ๐Ÿ˜€

My review:

I thought the lakorn was good. One thing that I couldn’t really stand was “Nid” aka Aff. You can say i’m not much a fan of her because in a way, i think her acting is kind of weak. Even her facial expression doesn’t convince me to really put myself in her shoes as she’s acting. She has that beautiful face, but seems like that’s all she has, nothing else. Well, that’s my opinion on her. As for TIK, omgawd! Hotness! So sad that he’s off the market though. lOl. jk. Is it just me or what? I hated his blank expression when he’s annoyed, thinking, etc. I just hate that face that he makes. It just looks like he’s so lost. He had a lot of those blank face through out the drama which really annoyed me, for some reason. I thought Pisamai, aka Joy was great. Seeing her in Banxaithong and a few other, love her character! lOl what kind of review is this? lOl.

Anyways, i give this lakorn a 8/10. Watch it, you may enjoy it more than me. ๐Ÿ˜€

Aired: August 2010
Episodes: 16 total

Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee as Major Prajak Mahasak
Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharoen as Wanida
Joy Rinlanee Sripen as Pisamai
Boy Pidsanu Nimsakul as Captain Montree
Jaja Primrata Dejudom as Ampai
Kong Sorawit Suboon as Prajuab
Patsachon Soopree as Chumsri
Atcharapan Paibulsuwan as Aunt Thong
Duangta Toongkamanee as Madam Nom
Montri Janeaksorn as Dao
Meji Pimaksiporn Wingomin as Branee
Suchao Pongwilai as Chao Khun
Yai Sira Patrat as Character Name
Golf Benjapol Cheuyaroon as Plai

Synopsis: Thanks to Sarnworld Wiki! ๐Ÿ˜€

Major Prajuab Mahasak was offered to get m arried with Wanida Wongwiboon, Dao’s daughter to repay for the debt that he borrowed from Dao. If not, he would be sued and it would dishonor his family.

Prajuab was very distressed and refused that proposal. He consulted with Major Prajak Mahasak, his older brother about this. Prajak suggested his brother to resign from the government service and move to stay with his friend in the South and Prajak would go to negotiate about the debt with Dao instead.

However, it was not easy to deal with because Dao gave Prajak the condition that he must get married with Dao’s daughter instead of his brother. Prajak has no choice and he has to save the honor of his family. So, he accepted to get married, but he gaved the condition that if his brother could find the money to repay for his debt, he would divorce Dao’s daughter immediately.

Dao told Wanida about this and told her to prepare herself for marriage. Wanida was confused. Though she didn’t want to get married, she couldn’t oppose her father.

Prajak told his mother and Pisamai, his girlfriend about this. It made them very upset. His mother couldn’t accept this married, so she went to take vacation in his son’s wedding day.

After marriage, Both Prajak and Wadina feel awkward to live together. Wanida had to be strong and confront with his mother and his girlfriend who disliked her and kept insulting her.

One day, Wanida knew about the past of Lady Montha, her grandmother from the neighbor. She told Wanida that Lady Montha was set up that she committed adultery and was chased out out Mahasak family. Therefore, Wanida intends to find out the truth about this to prove that her grandmother was innocent. Wanida is a story telling about one womanโ€™s patience, goodness and her great love.