Counting Marbles

So, yesterday I had a meeting with the Youth board and some of the youth. Why? Because we needed to get together before the new year of next week, during Halloween week. I’m excited and nervous at the same time, not sure how successful we’re going to be or how it will turn out. We are in charge of the gate this year, and well, kinda sucks because we don’t have enough people and unable to find people to help out. So, with that said, HMAAO would have to do something to help us out. It’s such a short notice that, well, we can’t find people, since some youth work, some youth play sports, etc… A lot of reasons!

Anyways, we’re going to be doing some activities and some fundraising for us youth group. Hopefully we sell everything that we bought! We need some profit.

Activities that the Youth would be doing:
Sponsoring 1hr at 12pm of anything; Dance battle, singing, etc..
-Pov Pob Swb [Ball Toss]
at 11am and 2pm
[This is where you’re partner up with someone and you throw the ball underhand as hard as you can making your partner unable to catch it. If you’re partner can’t catch it, you go on to the next person, if you’re partner can, your partner has the chance to throw it at you.]
Guessing Game; 2 day period where the person guesses how much marbles there are in the jar. The winner wins a 2GB Ipod Shuffle.

Our activities isn’t much, but it’s something. Hopefully next year when we get more people, we’ll go ahead and do something grand. 😀

As for Fundraising;
– Risk Band that says, “Kuv Yog Hmoob.” It’s green and glows in the dark
– Candy Bars

Yeap, that’s about it. We just wanted something simple this year since it’s our first new year celebration as a Youth Group of Koom Haum Hmoob! Aza! Hopefully each year gets more grand and more grand! 😀

Anyways, with that said, yesterday night, i spent 2 hours counting marbles. Lets just say, I had to double check over and over again just to see if i came up with the write amount or the same number. I practically had my brothers and them count it for me too. And no,they don’t know the number because i had the marbles pile up in tens and all they had to do was make sure there were ten marbles in each pile.

*sigh* that 2 hour seemed pretty important. haha.Lets hope no one touches the jar of marbles, or else! It’ll totally throw me off! haha.