Happy Birthday…

…to me!

I’m officially a year older! 😀

I recieved this in my email, yes this late at night! haha

So cute! Thank you, Sweetie! It’s my lovely cousin, Ntxhi. 😀 haha.

Yes, another year older and hopefully wiser? We’ll have to see in the long run. Until next year, we shall see if I become wiser. Probably not. haha.

What do I have plan for my birthday? Well, nothing. 😀 My time will be dedicated to the youth and to the new year! No partying hard this weekend, wish i did though. I can’t though since i don’t want to be too tire for the next day. What a great way to start a brand new phase right? lOl. It’s ok though, The day will probably pass like every other day. 😀

Aza! Happy birthday to me. 😀