Pee Poo Yai ~ Bhudda Bless

As requested by Thai, Here you go. Hopefully it’s the one that you’re looking for. 😀

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Band: Bhudda Bless
Song: Pee Poo Yai

Lyrics Credit to Wishy! Thank you!

Since I was kid until today, I grew up to be adult,
I’ve met many problems, but I can say it’s not a big deal.
I’m ready to get through and resolve though I have to walk into it.
But there’s only thing I give up is the heart’s matter.

I’ve tried to practice but I’m still not good at it.
I’m falling in love with you now. I don’t know what to do.
Seeing anyone chat up with you, I’m so upset.
When will our matter will end up together?

I’m not a kid. Everyone calls me “Phoo Yai” (No, Not ordinary)
Even uncles, aunties, grandma, grandpa respect me. (No, Not ordinary)
I can fight with everything, whether it’s small or big matter.(No, Not ordinary)
But when it’s about you, I don’t know what to do.(About heart’s matter, it’s not ordinary)
It’s so hard to resolve. Why is it so conplicated?
That’s not good and this can’t be. Why is it so much trouble?
It may be so hard to interest you.
Doing farming is easier if you don’t believe, you can ask the buffalo.
There’s no way out to know, to tell, to do, how to resolve it.
It’s speechless. I can’t tell about love, about the heart.
The problem of earning a living is very easy to solve.
But when it’s about you, I’m at my wits’ end. I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what to do to enchant you.
Should I ordain for a year to amaze you?
If I even do that, but it doesn’t work, I will give up.
I have to say goodbye and go far…far…far away.
I don’t know what’s wrong. It’s unreasonable when I see you.
It’s speechless. I can’t tell like my brain becomes blurred.
I want you to know you are my whole life.
But the more I think, the more I can’t find the way out.

My heart used to be strong, used to get through many problems.
All everything, those problems, I can easily resolve them.
But finally, whar’s about the heart’s matter is unavoidable.
What to do? What should I do?

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