Oklahoma Hmong New Year

Iknow, i know,i’m so late! haha…But anyways…

This past weekend was the Oklahoma Hmong New Year. It was hectic running the New Year. Busy, i say. It was a good experience and it was a lot of fun, i guess. The fun part, eagh, lets just say it was hard work moving back and forth from one place to another.

Our youth booth went pretty well. Funny thing is that we were trying to have people “pov pob” [Toss Ball] but that didn’t go too well. At first, we thought we did a pretty good job, atleast we held it up for 20 or so minutes, and then it slowly died down. We didn’t get to our dance battle till 1pm. It went pretty well since there were a lot of people around. It was quite hard trying to find people to compete against our Bboys. 😀 Overall, i thought our performance was great!

I basically stayed inside to help out with the program and never got the chance to walk around. Saturday, my foot was crying all day. Darn high heels! I didn’t get home till 5pm and i went straight to sleep. Didn’t even wake up till the next morning where i had to wake up at 6am, well more like 5AM! lOl. I wanted to go to the night party but nope, that didn’t happen. So long for my party dress. Purposely bought it for the new year party but nope, i guess i’ll have to wear it for somewhere else now. Gah… haha.

Well, like said in my previous posts, this year it’s the first Miss Hmong Oklahoma Pageant! There were 7 contestants. All of them were from our youth or so i know them. I was rooting for 1st, 5th and 6th running for the pageant all because i know them personally. But i can’t think like that right? ahhaa. I know. There were 5 judges and they were judged based on their appearance, walk, how they talked, how they answered their question, and their talent. They all look beautiful, i have to say.

I couldn’t tape any of the competition since I was on the side helping out organize things and handing out paper for competitions to the judges.

As for my dance group, i thought they did wonderful! They danced in the morning and for the special guest people on Saturday. I was so proud of them! 😀 They had to suffer with me because the thign is that my girls are with the YOuth group and also with Koom Haum Hmoob too, so which means if Koom Haum Hmoob needed my girls for some time, my girls had to be prepare to go and perform. So they stayed with me at all times. I love them though. 😀 They did wonderful! Although we have a long ways to go for competition. For sure, we will be competing next year and hoepfull

Sorry for the poor quality. Took it with my camera phone. It sucked because i didn’t have the time to go out and really take some pictures! Sucks!

Lets hope this weekend when i’m at the Arkansas New Year, i can take some pictures. 😀 Aza! Can’t wait. and yes, my girls will be performing too! 😀 hehehe. 😀 Aza! Txhob Ntshai!!