Kids World – OKHY

The Oklahoma Hmong Youth has joined Kids World this year and hopefully from now on.  This is an event where many elementary/middle school students will come and learn about different cultures to different countries around the world.  At the event, there are many booths with many things that the students can have or do. For example, crafts, food tasing, etc… Just anything that students can do or would attract them to the booth. 

I stood up late last night having to punch holes into paper so that it’ll be easy for kids to poke yarn through.  I have to say, i made 300 paper and they were gone by 12pm.  Isn’t that scary? Knowing that you’ve said the same phrase over and over again and you come to find out that you helped 300 students! lOl.  I thought that was amazing! 😀

Behind the first table, we put out instruments as display and did poster board of history, culture, food and instruments of hmong for students/parents to look at. It was quite interesting how many of them never heard of Hmong people or even the word Hmong so that made my day. Having a booth at such even twas a great decision. 😀 Luckily we didn’t pass this opportunity.

Anyways, it may look plain, but eh, we were actually there. 😀 Sorry for the bad quality, it was taken by my camera phone.