I’m sick!

Just two days with kids and i end up being sick. Scratchy throat, itchy eyes, stuffy nose, and worse, IT HURTS TO TALK! and ofcourse, swallow too! Gah…

Don’t you just hate that feeling of being sick. Best way to cure that sickness is to laugh. Turn on a funny movie/sitcom, etc… and just laugh away. In this situation, I don’t even want to do anything.

I tried sleeping earlier but that didn’t work out. Instead, i end up staying up watching my favorite tv show[s]; Law and Order, Criminal Mind, Without a Trace, and House! You can’t get sick of these shows.

Although that was a good thing for me, but worse thing is having to listen to your own parents give a two hour lecture to your siblings on relationship wise. From my point of view, you learn and you make mistake, that’s the only way you can really learn from having a relationship. listening to others tell you or give you advice, i don’t think it’s a wise thing. I believe that from relationships, you learn about yourself and you learn about life. Sometimes these talks are great when you’re askign for help, but out of the ordinary, i dont’ think it’ll help at all. Especially in this situation. Poor bro. I would say something, but that would be a whole different conversation. Gah… I still love you though, bro! 😀

Anyways, i thought i drought down some few lines on here before i head out to bed since my eyes are really closing on me. My poor eyes. 😀

Hehe, and listening to Blong Xiong’s old albums too. lOl…Kho siab xuv os. hhahaha…