New Year Buys

So, last weekend was the Oklahoma New Year and this weekend is the Arkansas New Year. My girls performed on Saturday as a general show just for fun and for them to get that feeling of performance. Two of them didn’t want to, and i thought they were gone to help their parents. It so happen, they were there, which got me really irritated. I’ve told them too that the group is a team. They didn’t want to go because their boyfriends were there. Irresponsible, i say. Very disappointed too.

Anyways, so now there isn’t any new year until thanksgiving week. i’m thinking about going to the Missouri new Year, but i’m not too sure. I might just go to Minnesota and enjoy myself at clubs with my girls. Woh knows, i need a night of being wild to get this stress out of me. 😀 It’ll probably be a bad idea afterwards but for now, it sounds great to me! 😀

Well, there were many new Music Videos out from various singers. As i stroll around the new year, looking at their musics, this is what i got:

and there’s more. haha.

New MV’s that i got were:
Tsom Xyooj MV 1
Nraug Nab Lis MV 4
Mas Lis Yaj VM 2
Tsw Qab Thoj V 7
Duab Ci Thoj V7
Nus Yaj V1

And tahn i got some other MV’s that i lost my copy. I thought Tsw Qab looked very beautiful especially when she wears purple and a darker pink. It really brings out her eyes, or maybe the technology gotten a lot better. Duab Ci and Tsw Qab started singing when they were probably 10 or a couple year older and now they’re in their teens. I can’t imagine how fast they were growing.

Duab ci when little:

Tsw Qab:

Both Tsw Qab and Duab Ci had a partner who they sang with which i haven’t seen their partner out with a single album, or I just missed them. As you can hear, they have a very clear beautiful voice when they sing. That’s why i’m supporting! Loved them when they were small and still do now. 😀 haha

I’m surprised i have never heard of ICU and they’re up to their 2nd MV. I thought they sound good. They weren’t too bad. I’m not much of a rock person, but they were decent to the ears. Check them out! 😀

And for the rest, i haven’t had the chance to skim through them yet. haha.

My old lady wasn’t too happy about the music i bought, but eh, I cant’ help it. I only do this once a year, so i’ll be waiting for next year. 😀 haha.

I did buy some stuff for me to start making myself a new hmong outfit! I cant’ wait to see how it ends cause now, i’m just brainstorming as to what i want. hahaha.

Anyways, Happy New year to everyone, Hmong ways of course since we just had our new year. 😀