Rice Porridge

… For lunch!

I got lazy and so i thought i make rich porridge for myself. It’s simple and so easy to make. I remember my first time making rice porridge and i ended up making burned porridge instead. What a cook, right? I was a terrible cook and still am till this very day. Who knows when i can actually cook a decent dish for myself.

Sorry about the poor quality. Taken by my camera phone.

What i had in my rice porridge was egg and chopped chicken. this is one of the easiest dish to cook.

How i cooked it:
1st: Get a pot and add about 2ince of water and let it boil.
2nd: Wash and rinse out the rice.
3rd: Crack 2 eggs and mix it together with sprinkle salt
4th: chop chickens into bits and pieces. You can go ahead and add them into your pot of rice, but what i did was boil the meat in a seperate pot until it’s fully cooked.
5th: Once the water in the pot is boil, put in the rice. Stir it for 30 seconds so that no rice is stuck on the pot. Check on in it every few minutes
6th: Once the rice is cooked, you’ll see the rice cracked in the middle or when you no longer see it white, add in the eggs.
7th: stirr it until the eggs are fully cooked.
8th: Add the chopped chicken pieces and stirr it.
9th: Add salt to your desire
10th: Vuala! It’s ready to be served! 😀

Easy right? Sorry if i don’t give you any measurements. In our culture, Hmong, we don’t believe in measurements. We go for the “feel” instead of how much is needed. haha.

What do you think? Bad cooker, eh? 😛