Simple Hmong Food

Wow, i was quite shocked at the amount of requests I had on how to cook simple hmong Food. I’m a simple gal and always take the easy way out in making food. Trust me, i can’t cook! lOl

But like said, i was surprised. My rice porridge i did yesterday that i posted up didn’t think, well i didn’t think, there will be any response. haha. more than five requests should push me forward in posting up my simple hmong dishes i make. 😀 haha

Now, do keep in mind, i won’t be able to give you a approximate measurement since I grew up under my old lady who doesn’t use measurements. It goes by your taste and your feel. haha

Also, if you will look to the left side, i have several hmong blogs that actually cook hmong food, the right way. lOl. Unlike me, i go for blend taste, simple, and plain. haha

But yes, I will aslo post up simple hmong dishes, my way, too. 😀

I want to thank you for the requests. Didn’t think i was much of a cook. hahah. But thank you though! 😀