Siab Tsis Tu Li ~ Lee Kong Xiong

Haha, Lee Kong Xiong is at it again with a brand new album and MV out! I actually heard this song yesterday on FB when a friend posted up and now, i have the MV in my posession! I was so sure I had all his Albums, but i didn’t know that he came out with a new album just last month! I don’t mind though. The more the merrier from him. I love his lyrics to his singing. It’s different and very satisfying. haha.

Anyways, I just had to share this with everyone if you havent’ seen it. 😀 It’s my new jam, as of now. lOl. So funny and adorable of him. I love his dance moves when he sings his chorus..” Qaug, Qaug hlub, qaub nyiam, qaug hnia…” it’s so cute and funny at the same time! lOl and dude, i was quite shocked at his pronunciation when he says, “Oh baby, you’re so sexy!” LMAO. That was just a shocker. ROFL.

Enjoy! 😀 I actually like a lot of his songs from his new album. They’re catchy and love love love, absolutely love his lyrics! 😀 Go Lee Kong!!! 😀 lOl

Singer: Lee Kong Xiong
Song: Siab Tsis Tu Li

Check out the MV via YT

Koj ua kuv lub siab tsis tu li
You make my heart un-steady
koj ua rau kuv lub siab tsis tu li
you make my heart feel so unsteady
pom koj thaum twg ma plawv dhia
whenever i see you my heart beats
koj ua rau kuv lub siab tsis tu li
you just make my heart feel unstead
vim koj sexy dhau qhov yuav txais tau
because your’e so sexy that it’s unbelievable
pom koj tib pliag kuv cia li qaug
just one glance at you and i’m crazy

qaug, qaug hlub, qaub nyiam, qaug hnia, qaug ntshaw
Crazy, Crazy love, crazy like, crazy kiss, crazy wants
qaub yuav, qaug nrav, qaug pem
crazy need, crazy there, crazy here
tsis paub yuav qaug li lawm lau
dont’ know how to be crazy anymore
oh baby you’re so sexy…

ntshe yog koj niam nkawv noj nqai npua cub
maybe because your mom and them eat steamed pork
thiab yug tua koj tu niag ntxim ntxim hlub
that’s why you were bore so lovingly
ntshe yog koj txiv nkawv noj nqaij npua ntxhiab
maybe your dad and them ate roasted pork
thiab yug tua koj tus niag ntxim ntxim siab
that’s why you were bore so likeable
koj ua rau kuv ntshav siab
you make my blood pressure rise

twb yog kuv niam noj mov ntse kua tsib
it’s because my mother ate rice with sugar crane
thiab yug tau kuv tus niag tsis sexy
that’s why i’m not sexy
twb yo gkuv txiv noj mov ntse zaub tsuag
it’s because my father age rice with boiled vegetables
thiab yug tau kuv tus niag dab dab tuag
that’s why i turned out to be ugly
koj txhob dag dag
So don’t lie to me

Dl link! 😀