OKHY Board Photoshoot

It had rain all day on Friday, and so many of us were thinking that the photo-shoot yesterday would be cancel. Turns out, it was bright and sunny, perfect for a photo-shoot.

Everyone, board members, gathered at my place first and than we headed to Woodward Park in town. It’s such a beautiful park right in the middle of town. There’s a rose garden on one side of the park and all woods and bushes on the other side. It’s just a stunning park!

Everyone under the Skyline of the town

We all arrived at the park and began shooting. 😀 It was so beautiful. Perfect lighting, perfect scenes with all the beautiful fall colors, and just stunning with everyone cooperating with me to take such wonderful pictures! 😀

I love this one. It looks like a professional taken picture. ROFL. Love the colors and oh so just love the models. lOl.

Like said, it was a beautiful day, bright and sunny. Downfall was that it was cold, but the cold was good enough to stand and enjoy the weather. haha. Makes me want to do another photoshoot. 😀