Tsis Kam Swb Koj Rau Luag ~ Lee Kong Xiong

This song was requested by Paj. Sorry for the delay, Hun.

This is such a good song from Lee Kong Xiong’s NEWEST album. He had a special album out at the beginning of the year, but now he’s out with another good album! I really enjoy this album and his MV. It’s so cute and so funny!

I thought this song was so touching. Usually you hear songs from artists about letting their love ones go due to their parents or to marriage and saying that next life time, they will meet each other again. But this song was exceptional! Lee Kong actually sings that i would fight to the very end to have you. I fell in love with this song when i first heard it. It’s sooo good! Hopefully my translation woud show his meaning of this song and what i feel. Sorry if my translation sucks! 😀 Enjoy!

If you’ve seen the MV to this song, you would definately see the meaning of it. In the MV, the guy’s girlfriend got taken away by someone else, meaning, in our culture, a guy can come and kidnap a girl to to become his wife BUT this can only happen if the girl had taken something from the guy. Anways, the girl got kidnapped into the van and the boyfriend saw. He runs after the van and fought off these people trying to save his girlfriend. It was such a cute and loving MV. Although it was quite corny. hahhaa. If it’s ot on youtube yet, i might just upload this specific MV. Anyways, enjoy the song!

Singer: Lee Kong Xiong
Song: Tsis Kam Swb Koj Rau Luag

tsis xav txeej koj los ntawv luag
I don’t want to take you away from others
tsis xav ua siab phem rau leej twg
don’t want to be mean towards others
tiasis zaum no yog kuv yog tus swb
but this time i’m the one at loss
ces wb yuav nrug mus ib sim
and we will be seperated forever

nws yeej yog li koj hais cias
it was like what you had said
tsis kav kiag ces kuv tsis tau koj
if i don’t do it i won’t have you
vim yog tij neeg coob leej hlub thiab nyiam koj
because there’s a lot of people who loves and like you
kuv no hos yog tus koj ntshaw
I’m the one that you want

yuav siv tag nrho lub zog
I will use all my strength
yuav siv tag nrho tswv yim
I will use all means and ideas
yuav ua txhua yam los tim
to do whatever it takes to
thaiv wb txoj kev hlub
protect our love
yuav tsis cias koj rau luag
i won’t let you go to someone else
yog kuv tseem ua tau pa
if i am still breathing
txhua tsam txhua yam tsis kam
anything, everything i won’t
leej twg los txias wb txoj kev hlub
let anyone ruin our true love

koj tsis txhob poob siab dabtsis
Don’t you worry about a thing
luag yuav siv lub zog heev npaum cas
no matter what strength anyone have
los tshuav yog koj nyob raws ntawv kuv ib sab
atleast i have you holding me right by my side
txhua yam yuav yooj yim rau kuv
Everything will be easy for you

Here is the DL link! Enjoy!