After 5 months, I’m done!

I felt that this semester has gone by so fast!  It was just like yesterday I registered for my classes and now i’m done with them! Next semester I will be taking the full 18 hours, which i have never done.  Lets hope i will survive this coming semester.  Being in charge of the youth group, working along with the Hmong association here in town, also working part time as a life insurance agent, wow, i sure have it for me this coming new year!  And here i thought i would have it easy on myself, yeah rght!

I’ve been up since 7 am with only a 5 hour sleep, I was able to finish all my homework that the professor gave out from the beginning of the semester.  I shouldn’t be doing such thing, but can’t help it. I’m a procrastinator, which i hope to fix that in this following new year!  Although i have said it for every new year resolution and i have not taken advantage of it at all! haha.  i seriously need to be more responsible with my school homework. 

Anyways, i’m done with it and just ready for a good long break before school starts back up again.  I’m pretty sure half way through the break i wish i was in school again, and than when i’m school i wish i was on break.  Don’t you just hate it how that works. 

Well, I hope everyone goodluck on their finals!  Once i’m through with this week, i am officially done with my finals and fall semester! I wish everyone well on their finals! Aza! txhob ntshai! Goodluck! 😀