Muab Kuv Txoj Kev Hlub Rov Qab Los ~ Loj Leeb

My cousin got a hold of Loj Leeb’s album and I got the chance to hear them.  One thing, they have to really work on their vocals.  I had the shivers listening to them.  Because of that, I couldn’t put myself to listening to their lyrics.  Their melody wasn’t catchy either.  Plus, one of them can’t speak hmong well, hais lus tsis meeb.  If he could work on his hmong, i think he would be great in the band.  The way he sings is perfect with the song that he sang in the album, but the downfall is just that Hmong of his.  The other two, they really need to work on their vocals.  It seems like they’re just talking and not singing.  One song that got me really irritated was “Baby txawm nyob deb.”  That darn piano part was very annoying, especially when they started singing.  The piano part overpower their voice and it didn’t sound to good because basically it seemed like they were just singing along with the piano part. NG! [No Good].  Another thing is when they sing, they’re either flat or sharp on their melody. I don’t know if they meant to, but it sounds NG! Anyways, the only song that was reasonable to listen too, or actually good to listen was their first track. The rest were just…downfall.  Too bad the first track, the singer hais lus tsis meeb.  So it was quite hard to figure out what he said. Also, wth! it was loud when he sang, but some reason once it hit the chorus, he sang soft. It’s so freaken hard to understand what he’s saying.  But seriously, this is the only song that i can take in to really listen to, the others, I’ll pass. Band: Loj Leeb Song: Muab Kuv Lub Siab Rov Qab Los Sorry, no lyrics, i gave up half way tryign to make out their lyrics. Until their lyrics are out there, I’ll come back and put pu the lyrics. Enjoy DL link.