365 Wan Han Ruk ~ Thai Lakorn Review

Yer, a viewer of my blog, asked if i had watched “365 days of love.” I said that I’ve heard of it, but it didn’t really catch my attention since i was watching 4 huajai Haeng Khun Khai. Yer wanted to know my opinion of it, and so i thought i watch it, Since the Lakorn i was watching was still subbing, i decided to watch 365 Days of Love. I got HOOKED! lOl. It was GOOD!

I finished watching”365 days of love!” when it was last aired, Starring Ken and Ann together, once again! Such great couple together! I can never get enough of them both. They have such great chemistry that you can’t tell if they’re feelings are really true with one another. Now that’s what I call GREAT actor/actress. You can really act and make the audience feel that emotion that the director is trying to portray. Anyways, if you haven’t seen it, you have to see it! 😀 Guarantee that you’ll love it, especially about marriage.
Here is my Synopsis of the Lakorn: Don’t mind me if i only put the two main characters name. I’m too lazy to go back to find the actual character name for the other characters.

“Beginning: Lanaree/Lan [Ann] proposed to Tula/Toon [Ken] and are wedded. Toon is a lawyer and Lan is a Designer. Toon is a secure man about love and trust while on the other hand, Lan is not. It hasn’t been a day since Toon and Lan got married and they are already arguing. Toon has a college friend [girl], who deeply thinks that Toon and her were in a very good relationship when really Toon has no feelings towards her except for being a good friend. This friend interferes into Toon and Lan’s married life making it impossible for Toon to trust Lan because of her insecurity. With all the hectic, Lan decides to go and see a psychic, who tells her that in a year time Toon and her will divorce. Lan didn’t believe the psychic and so the psychic gave Lan a old book. If Lan wants to know what happens in the future, all she has to do is put the book underneath her pillow when she goes to sleep and she’ll be sent to the future. With Lan’s insecurity, she does so and is sent to the future where she wakes up in her Mother’s house and realize that Toon and her were getting a divorce a year later after checking the calendar. When she wakes up, she stresses over the divorce issues and tries to resolve whatever that is going to break her marriage with Toon. With that said, Lan’s insecurity in the marriage and with Toon causes Toon to be upset and stressed about Lan. The two fight for survival in marriage, but one thing that both lack is, Communication.”

Yeap, that’s my summary, i can’t ruin it for those. haha Although i already am ruining it if you read further down. hahaha.

Lakorn: 365 Wan Hang Ruk [ 365 Days of Love]
Genre: Love/Marriage
Cast Starrs: Ken and Ann
# of Episodes: 14 Episodes
Where to Watch: Anonymousblue2001 YT account :: 1st Episode.
Emmertt’s Rating: 4/5


Here is my two cents about the lakorn:

LMAO, The beginning was ridiculous! I mean, what guy would not get annoy by a girl who calls him nonstop about ridiculous stuff? lOl. If there is such a thing as a guy like Toon, wow, i think all girls will fall head over heels for that guy. And then, on the 90th day, he finally asks her out. lOl. Than on the 100th day, they go on their first date. Wow. lOl. Anyways, i thought how they fell in love was just ridiculous. lOl. Still cute though, but in reality, it will never pull through! lOl

What i love about the beginning is that they’re so romantic and cute with one another. Always surprising one another. *sigh* If only this kind of couple were true in reality! haha. It’s very adorable what they do with one another.

lOl and then how they “propose” together? lOl. Seriously, it seems like the girl is desperate! lOl. Desperate to begin with and to the very end! lOl. Asking the guy “Want to spend 365 days with” him and asking “will we marry, ok?” Wow..lOl. In a way, it’s a good thing that the girl is taking the initiative to start things, but at the same time, isn’t it a little too strong for a girl to do so, especially marriage? lOl The proposal was just a little, lOl. It was still cute though. hahaha. At least Toon said, “OK.” lOl And they finally married! lOl

Since it’s a drama, there is bound to have people that will interfere in the marriage like ex gf, family members, etc… There is bound to have someone like that. It will cause misunderstanding between the marry couple. Of course we already know the outcome of the drama, but eh, it’s always good to see what happens in between. Anyways, over all, i thought it was pretty good.

What hurt me the most, or more of like what really got to me was their communication, and trust in their relationship. It really does take two people to make a relationship work and one person to make it fall apart. It got me teary when Toon and Lan argued with one another. Goshers, no matter how much i want a relationship to work, but arguing all the time over little things can get very annoying. Totally understand what Toon goes through with Lan sometimes. And sometimes, i can totally see where Lan is coming from too. We girls are just too emotional to the point where we can’t see our wrong doings but only our righteous.

Cheat: If there is no strong communication and trust. This is what the couple lacked after their wedding day. Lan is just so insecure and Toon is just so rough.

Sisterly Love: Sometimes you need that sister love because when something hard comes, you know you have a sister to run to.

Toon’s Father: Guide through marriage, the more experience “marriage is along the way that you have to live together.” “Because it is call a marriage life. But it’s not just the two of you, it’s the two families, two lives who have to adjust themselves. Do you think it’s easy?” I love this character! If only everyone had a guider through life to have one think about their problems, I think everyone would be a lot more wiser.

Anyways, I love the drama. The ending was superb. Lan and Toon got what they were looking for within each other and their surroundings. They gain the trust and communication with one another which is hard to do since there’s many obstacle in life.

Dude, I can go on and on about this lakorn. Haha But I only picked out my shares that I felt strongly towards. I hope you enjoy this lakorn!