Paj Liab Lawm Mas ~ Seng Mai Her

I’m catching up on my request. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been doing other things and haven’t been keeping up with my blog. 😀 Don’t mind me though…:D

Here is a request by Tee.

Seng Mai Her sang a few songs in Kwm Lis’s latest album. She’s not too bad and it’s been a while that Kwm Lis came out with a album. He did also came out with a movie too, which i can’t recall the title at the moment. Anyways, it was quite hard to make out what Mai sang since i think she sounded like she was singing green, but clear white too. Odd though. Enjoy!

Singer: Seng Mai Her
Song: Paj Liab Lawm Mas

it was quite hard writing out the lyrics since she sang in hmong leeg and hmong dawb mix, well with that very accent hmong leeg voice. So it was hard to make out some words. Those that understand what she says, did i do a good job on my lyrics? 😀 Do tell!
txog xyoo tshiab lawm
it’s the new year
paj liab lawm mas teb pub roob pub hav
red flowers have bloom through hills and valleys
me kab noog ya nkaus pab
birds flying together
teb tub teb ntxhais pov pob tsheeb pab
boys and girls tossing ball in groups

twb txog lub xyoo tshiab
the new year is here
kho kuv lub siab tsis muaj tus hlub
My heart is sad since it doesn’t have someone to love
los nrog kuv hais lus
to come and talk with
cas yuav tu kuv lub siab ua luaj
Why, it’s such a sad scene

yim raug nraug hmoob
Any Mr. Hmong
puas muaj leej twg
are there anyonoe
los nrog kuv pov pob hais kwv txhiaj
who will come and toss ball and sing to me
saib puas ntxim
to see if it’ll touch
koj lub siab
that heart of yours
cob kuv mus ua koj tus poj niam
and take me to be your wife

los hauv koj xub ntiag
to come into your arms
yeej tsis muaj hnub kuv yuav hloov siab
there wouldn’t be a day i would have a change of hearts
npaj ua lub siab dawb
I intend to have a pure heart
yuav hlub koj mus txog hnub kawg
to love you till the end

Here is the DL link.