Feeling Jolly!

I’m not too sure why but i woke up feeling the Christmas Spirit in me!  This year, our family will not be celebrating Christmas, meaning no present. Instead of opening up presents, we will be spending quality times with one another from morning till night.  My brother is in charge of the agenda as to what he wants to do since it’s his birthday.Yes, my youngest brother is a Christmas baby, born on the 25th of December! Lucky kid.  I wonder how i will turn out if i were born on the 31st of October, too bad i was born two days before. Darn it! haha. 😀

Anyways, I was up early wrapping presents for my friends and family that i will need to send it by next week or it’ll be too late! Gah, the rushes of Christmas. 😀 haha.

I’ve been thinking lately as to what i should do on my blog to give my thanks to everyone that have followed and supported Emmertt!  After many consideration, i thought of posting up a link to the albums of the random singles i posted up on my blog.  It will not be all the albums, but some of the albums that i actually enjoyed.

I will be posting up the link on Monday, December 19th and leaving it up for a whole week. Meaning, on December 26th, after Christmas, all the files on that link will be removed.  That will be my present to everyone  that has followed Emmertt for a year and i hope i still have you as a viewer in the future! 😀

So, come back this coming Monday for that link of albums. 😀 and like i said, it wont’ be all the albums from every singles i posted up, only those albums that i actually and trust me, you’ll find something that you like. 😀

Thank you everyone! And have a Jolly, Jolly Holiday with friends and families.  😀  Happy holidays! 😀