Merry Christmas 2010 ! ! !

It’s Christmas and I hope you all had/have a wonderful Christmas! It’s quite early so some of you have already opened your presents and someof you are waiting to open them. I haven’t opened my presents yet since I will have to wait until tomorrow! I can’t wait to see what others gave me. Got a whole lot of christmas cards from everyone too including with their family pictures! So sweet of them! And plus, absolutely love their pictures! I think this would be one of my ideas for next Christmas. With how the economy is, i will have to lay low with my “mula” for a bit before going back to buying everyone i know and love a present.

Dude, christmas cards are so expensive now a days. I spent $40 bucks on just, just only 7 Christmas cards. That’s freaken expensive!!! But than it was a last minute thing before i was finish with my christmas shopping. 1 New Year Resolution for next year is to start saving for christmas or some kind of savings to use for backup! Definately a good idea. haha

Anyways, I will have to post what i got for christmas later when I do open my presents. It’s too early! hahaa.

I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!!! Be safe and stay warm! 😀

With my amateaur in photoshop, here is a little animation i did in photoshop. 😀

Merry Christmas!!!