Christmas Lights in Rhema

I had taken my brothers and my cousin who came down from Wisconsin to go and see the Christmas lights we had here in town. I did not know there were such thing until this year and I have been living here for 4 years now. Sad isn’t it?

We had a great time! I should have brought my video camera since there were a lot going on! This year, they had “shooting stars” like lights on a tree. It was soo beautiful! I shot a picture of it but it wasn’t as pretty as being there to see it. Gah! Should have bought that darn video camera. Next year, when i go back, i’ll be sure to bring it! One cool thing that i loved was, there was this section, tunnel and along the way filled with lights, they had music playing and the lights would light up as the song plays. It was so cool! Loved it!

My brothers and my Cousin!

My brother Holding the candle light. haha that dork!

The lights where it’ll light up as the music plays.

The lights at their little ‘Pond.’

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