It’s true, Lee Chunhee…

…is getting MARRIED!

I woke up this morning and first thing I saw on the net was “Chunhee is getting married!” Aww, my Clumsy Chunhee is really getting married at the age of 31. I guess, now a days, age is really just a number, it’s just how you feel about one another, which I’m beginning to feel that age is really just a number.  I was first introduced to him by Family Outing.  Since then, i grew to love him because of his clumsiness. 😀 haha. Gah, I seriously though Ye jin and Chunhee will get together since they look so cute together, but guess i was wrong. He’s not officially off the market! Darn it! haha

Anyways, Lee Chunhee will be engaged and married to Jun Hye Jin. Both of them met on set of “Smile, You,” and after 6 months, they’re together. They just introduced one another to their family on December 22nd of this year. You can go here to read the remaining plus there’s an excerpt from Lee Chunhee himself.*sigh* My clumsy Chunhee is really getting married. They have stated that their wedding will be in March of 2011. Not long and he’ll be a married man! *tears*

“And one more thing. I received a very big and emotional present. It’s kind of embarrassing… Hye Jin and I are having a baby. She’s eight weeks pregnant, and I’ll be a father next year. Just thinking of it makes my throat close up. I feel as if I could fly through the sky. She’s taking care of her condition and being as careful as ever. I hope that you’ll send us your blessings and support for our marriage and our child.”

Double *tears*….