Lyrics Translation Format

My cousin can be such a dork sometimes. I seriously think Her and I would be such a great couple! lOl. Though she’s married, darn it. haha. She had wanted me to put up this one song from Maiv Ntxawm Tsab but i haven’t gone around to full filling my requests. She than mentioned about my lyics and tranlations. She said that it was good but she hated how the english lyrics and Hmong lyrics were together. She said it would be a lot better if they were seperated. I told her that I’m the posts will be too long, almost half a page if you were to view my blog. She than said that she will show me something and that she’s willing to do it unless i can. I mentioned i was up for anything that would be good for the viewers.

She told me to send her my logo and what nots and that she’ll send something for me later. She wrote our the lyrics to her ong that she wanted and told me to translate it. Though my translatin are quite childish, i went ahead and did my usual thing. haha

and she sent me this after i sent her my rough english translation.

So, how do you guys like it? Do you prefer this or my usual? If i were to do this, it will show my sincerity, but the thing is i’m not confident with my english translation since i’m just doing it to my ability. 😀 *sigh* We will see what happens. 😀

Hrrm, if i do decide, there will have to be some changes too. So, tell me what you think?