Ntshai Ntshai Tau ~ Maiv Ntxawm Tsab

Also known as Yaj Yuam. My cousin sent me the song and so i’m just uploading. šŸ˜€ While i’m at it, i mgiht as well put up her song since i have everything that i need. šŸ˜€

She wanted to share this song with everyone because this is something we all go through. When you think you found the person, you do everything just to make that person happen and just to make the relationsip go well. But like that saying, “It takes two people to make a relationship and one person to break it.” One lesson that i learned from relationships or being with someone is to be cautious. Don’t give your all but keep some with you so that whe something like this happen, you won’t be so heart broken. Whether it takes 1 or more relationships to realize this, atleast you have come to your senses. šŸ˜€ Enjoy the song! šŸ˜€

Singer: Maiv Ntxawm Tsab aka Yaj Yuam
Song: Ntshai Ntshai Tau

My cousin’s Translation with my rough english transltion:

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