Happy New Year

It’s that time of the year! Yep, the “New Year!”  I know i won’t get the chance to say this, but Happy New Year Everyone! I wish you and your family a fresh new start and many good things to come for the new year! =D
My family and I would be staying home together and ofcourse staying up late till 12am tonight! Awaiting for the new year. 😀 No parties for me this year since, gah, i want a fresh, calm new start for the new year. Hopefully this new year brings me peacefulness.  That’s really all that i want for this coming new year. Start calm and bring me peace. 😀

Viewers, I thank yo for the support in this one year and one month time! I hope you enjoyed my viewing and reading my blog as much as i enjoyed posting up my randomness along with my playlist.  Thank you for keeping me and my blog alive!  Thank you!

I might as well reflect on the things i did this year and when i’m ten years in the future, i can come back and see what i’ve done for 2010! 😀 haha.

One of my biggest accomplishment was stepping out of my comfort zone and doing something out of the ordinary for me.  That first step was standing up and nominating myself to be President of the Oklahoma Hmong Youth here in town.  I knew it was going to be a challenge but than again, a good challenge is what i yearn for especially in the Hmong community.  It’s hard work but knowing that i came out of it doing something good for my people especially the Hmong youth here in town, I’m content with my efforts.  Best part is meeting new people around town. After 3 years of anti social, I’m out there getting my social life back up again.  I totally forgot how it was like meeting people, talking randomness,a nd just chilling.  I’ve been behind for too long and now i’m back.

My resolution for the new year:

  • Lose weight <– a resolution that is always mentioned by everyone
  • be committed in the things i do instead of losing interest
  • Graduate by this coming spring
  • Be working in the career I want
  • Take tons of  pictures to where i have about 3 albums!
  • Do well as a leader for the OKHY

Yep, that’s about it. Don’t want to go over board or it won’t happen. 😀  These would be suffice for my new year resolution. 😀

I hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year! Stay warm and be safe! Party hard but dont’ party too hard! 😀

Happy New Year