Koj Xav Yog Lawm ~ Xab Thoj

To start off the year, lets start it off lovingly and funny! haha  Enjoy this song from Xab Thoj’s 4th album!  I love this album. 😀

A view had asked me to give a short summary of the song, and so i will be adding that with my posts when i put up a song.

Summary: The guy is praising his girlfriend that she made the right choice of choosing him to love because it’s very rare to find a guy who’s capable of listening and loving. He mentions that because he comes from a good family background she’s quite lucky.

Singer: Xab Thoj
Song: Koj Xav Yog Lawm

Nkauj hmoob koj xav yog lawm
Miss you’re thinking is right
ua koj xaiv kuv ua koj tug
choosing me to be the one
ua koj tus hlub
to be your love
ua koj tsu tswv
to be your owner
hlub koj nyob rau tiam no
to love you for this life time

vim kuv yog cov noob zoo
because i come from good seeds
ua ib laub ua ib cev zoo nraug
someone’s that tall and handsome
hais lo lus twg
who can talk
ces yog lo ntawv
the talk
khov khov tsis muaj noob siab
handy and not mighty

Paub ntiab teb muaj hmoob coov lo
i know in this world there’s many people
tasis cov hais lus khov khov
but those that can talk the talk
yeej muaj qhuav khawv li kuv
there are only a few like me
tsis tshuav nawb mog nkauj hmoob
and there not much of them, Miss.

koj yog tus neeg muaj hmoov
you’re the lucky one
ua tau los hlub nrog kuv
that’s able to love with me
cuag li koj tau
it’s as if you recieved
ib tug me aub
a dog
me kab ua mloog mloog lus
insects that listens well

DL link. Enjoy!