Kuv Nyob Kuv ~ Xab Thoj

When i first heard of this song in “Neeg Tsis Sawv Zoo,” i think that’s the movie, starring Xab Thoj and Maiv Lis, I thought it was funny and addictive. haha.  Just thought i should share this one too. 😀 Enjoy!

Summary: She’s singing that she wasn’t bothering anyone until he came along and started bothering her.  If he keeps it up, she may fall for him and when that happens he better take responsibility.  If he’s just playing around to go away or else when the love really starts, it’ll be hard to let go. And so she’s singing that if he’s not serious, than don’t start or else there will be heartaches and even death involve.

Singer: Txiab Yaj [Chia Yang]
Song: Kuv Nyob Kuv

Lyric credit to V8L

Khoib nyob khoib tias mas thab khoib
I wasn’t bothering no one, don’t come to bother me
ib pliag khoib hlub lawv ces khoib tsis tso
if i fall for you i won’t let you go
ib pliag khoib nco nco ces hos tsis hlub khoib
or if i start missing but you were just playing me
txoj kev sib hlub tsis yog ua sis
Love shouldn’t be mess around with

yog tias tsis hlub tsis txhob los dag
if you don’t love don’t lie to me
yog tias tsis hlub tsis txhob los ntxias
if you don’t love don’t be sweet to me
yog tias tsis muaj siab tsis txhob los hais
if you don’t have the hearts don’t start
tsam pliag mob mob lub siab
or there will be heartache
tsam pliag nco nco las tuag eb es
and i will miss you so much that i may not be able to live




khoib huk jao
kuv hlub koj

khoib yoo khoib, khoib yoo dee dee kong khoib
kuv nyob kuv, kuv nyob kuv zoo zoo

jao ma vao huk hkoib
koj tuaj hais hlub kuv

jao ma tarm hai khoib
koj tuaj ua rau kuv

tsis tsis paub ua khoib
tsis tsis paub ua kuv

xai taa thee jao berng khoib
koj lub ntsiab muag uas ntsia kuv

mee lai yang thee khoib
muaj ntau zaus uas kuv

song sai nai jai khoib
xoom xaim hauv kuv siab

tha jao dag khoib
yog koj dag kuv

num taa lai lai
kua muag los los

tha jao bor huk
yog koj tsis hlub

sia hai lai larn kep
nkim nyiaj ntau lab kis

[speaking lao]

kuv nyob kuv koj pheej tuaj thab thab kuv
i was living well but you kept coming up to me
hais tias hlub hlub kuv es koj ua rau kuv
saying that you love me and so you made me
tsis tsis paub ua kuv thaum koj ntsia ntsia kuv
unable to be myself anymore when you keep looking at me
ua rau kuv xaus xais kuv tias koj puas yuav hlub kuv
makes me wonder if you actually love me
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